Services & Rates

Even Keel Productions is a full-service production company.  From scripting to shooting to editing, we can handle it.  We have the latest 4K gear and all the toys to accompany them.  Red Camera, sliders, steadicams, teleprompters, etc... We even have a small studio perfect for 1 or 2 person shoots. 
Scripting $75 per hour
Producer Rate $750 per day
Producer Travel Rate $375 per day
Single Camera Package $750 per day
Lighting Package $150 per day
Audio Package $150 per day
Video Editing $150 per hour

Other items, such as the studio, steadicam, teleprompter, mobile green screen, etc... are thrown in for FREE as ADDED VALUE to you!

• Rates may vary based on your project's specific needs.  Please contact us to discuss your budget and needs in more detail.